Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another day down..

Well for those of you counting with me we only have 299 days tomorrow..

No, I am not counting anymore. I just happened to do the math in my head today. I promise. After a day like today many of you would probably counting too. Maddy has some sort of stomach bug. I thought that she may be teething, but after the hundredth diaper there was no way. She is definitely a Daddy's girl though, because after fussing with me all morning we got a call from my sweet husband and her attitude completely changed.

I don't blame the girl. I have a major crush on the boy as well. She loves that man more than anything, I know this because she went right back to fussing after we hung up. I think it was because she knew that Saturday is his special day. I am big on birthdays. I don't know what it is about them, but I want everyone to feel super special on their day. Whether it is getting up in the middle of the night to be the first person that gets to wish them a special day of it is sending three boxes packed full of birthday supplies.

What you may ask did I send? I sent him 5 jars of rum cake (for his 21st birthday of course), a thing of cream cheese icing (his favorite), all the supplies (including plates, cups, napkins, streams, noise makers, and a birthday boy pin) Phineas and Ferb of course, and enough food to feed a couple of his buddies. Like beef jerky, pringles, trail mix, a couple of Mios (a change from their usual water). Oh and the favors... little army men, glow sticks, and bubbles.

 Oh I forgot to mention his PSP and three games along with his nerf gun for his presents. The boy is just a tad-bit spoiled, but he spoils me and he is going to have the best birthday party I can give him being so far away. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Update on the family..

Well Maddy and I are busy with mommy in school and working two days a week.  I am taking two online classes and have a first term mini and a second term mini. It is a lot of work but it keeps me busy. Other than chasing after Maddy....
(This is her first time using her walker, I haven't thought about getting an actual video of her walking...bad mom I know, but I have been busy.)

She started a couple of weeks ago and walks all over the living room now. She surprised me by walking all over the nursery room at church a couple of days ago, but she was chasing the big boys and girls and had to keep.
(recent picture of Ash)
Ashton is working very hard. They are always going on missions, but he says he is bored all the time and that they are not doing anything. Good for me, right? They are talking about R&R anywhere from Thanksgiving to New Years..maybe even after, its just nice to know that I will be seeing him in a few months time.

Here are a few pictures of Maddy that Natalie Norris took recently:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Doing My Part

For those of you that did not see my status a few days ago I am working on getting packages sent out to four guys that are in Iraq with Ash that do not have family to send them anything. I want them to get an equal amount of love. So I think my plan is to divide their name out equally and then the people who just want to buy a few items I will send a large box to be seperated.
These guys are special, along with everyother guy over there and they deserve a little bit of love. I plan on trying to get a list of their "favorites" but Ash doesnt want to embarass them. (He got a couple of the names from his sergeant) So after sending the first box maybe send an email address asking for them.

If you would like to help and haven't told me send me a message and I will get you a name and address.

Here is a list that I made up of things they need and want:
(Right now in the FOB they are at they are out of of hygiene supplies so these are important)
body wash or soap
body, foot, or baby powder
baby wipes (they use these when they can not shower)
razors and shaving cream (in a tube not a can)

individual cereal
granola bars
cracker snacks
gold fish
cheese its
beef jerkey
individual drink mixes (all they really have to drink is water so these are a favorite)

They like little toys like:
nerf guns
game cards
anything that might get there mind off of what is happening around them

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

If I never have to hear the GPS say recalculating again I will be happy, but I won't get my hopes up. After 3 trips back and forth to Texas, including Ashton's leave, Maddy and I are officially back in Alabama. We lost a couch and love seat, all of our trash cans, a bed side table, and a vaccuum. They all went to our great neighbors who I will miss terribly. They became our little family while we were away.
(This is a sample picture of what our house looked like..our grass was never that green)

Now that we are back I am trying to stay busy. I have worked on selling all of Maddy's baby clothes to make room for the new clothes that I will get her with what I make. I'm starting school next week and got my job back at the church.

Ashton is doing good. He is finally off of a detail and is able to shower and sleep regularly.

Monday, August 1, 2011

If only everyday could be like this

And no I didn't get the surprise homecoming I am dreaming of and I didn't skype all day with Ashton. We didn't even get to see each other with the video today.

But I did spend the day doing ordinary things that seemed oh so wonderful for no certain reason. I went to lunch with Alane and with siblings (minus one). I sent Ashton his first care package. :) And I went to Walmart and bought Maddy formula, diapers, and juice.

I don't know why such ordinary things made me so happy, but I will take it. I found out my pell grant money came through for school and I will be paid to go. :) I also found recipes for rum cake-in-a-jar that I will make for Ashton's 21st birthday. It may not be the keg he has talked about having since I have known him, but I hope he likes it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taking advice

Little by little I am forgetting how many days have gone by and trying to focus on other things.

     I am buckling down and taking five classes this coming up semester and I am working at the church again. I love being back in the comfortable environment of home, but I miss being in Texas with all my sweet friends. I was told to take special time for myself by eating dinner with friends or getting a pedicure (sounds good enough to me =D.) The best advice given is to set little Ashton's birthday, Christmas, and then ill be halfway. That makes me excited.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Foot Book

      Deployment is a constant roller coaster of emotions for me, that is without even turning on the news. I find myself constantly beside wither my cell phone or laptop. 95% of the time it is both. With all the waiting and anticipation I find myself sinking into sadness.
      After not getting a call at my "normal" time. Mandy and I got dressed and headed to Dothan for Maddy's doctor appointment. I had been expecting a package from Ashton for days. He told me he had made a DVD for Maddy and it came with the same book he had read. Well as we were pulling out of the driveway I stopped to check one last time before we left and to my surprise it was there!!

     I was just excited to see his kindergartner handwriting on the package, but the best part was the excitement on my 9 month old's face when the DVD started playing. She just looked at me in disbelief and said Dada.

Oh and by the way I got a call at 3am. Not the "normal" time but ill take it.